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FREE Shipping, on order total of $250 or more*

Hydraulic Kidney Loop Panel

We built this kidney loop panel for a customers food processing machine system. This kidney loop panel was mounted offline of the machines hydraulic system and draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir via a 12 gallon per minute pump driven by a 3/4 horsepower-3 phase electric motor and directs it through two hydraulic filter elements. The first filter is a 23 micron/beta 1000 rated element and the second filter is a 10 micron/beta 1000 element. Both filter elements can be monitored easily by visual inspection of the color coded gauges. We utilized Donaldson filter elements in this build for their availability nation wide. We also included a port between the discharge of the pump and inlet of the first filter element to allocate for a test port if needed in the future.  

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